Robotic arm ARIA

ARIA is an intelligent and very light robotic arm. The spectrum of its applications is very wide.


Available versions of robotic arm ARIA:

  • ARIA-Service

    mounted on a wheelchair provides support in everyday activities – eating, drinking, opening the door etc. It is ultra-light, safe and very compact which provides high level of convenience and independence.

    Kinematics 6 DoF, weight 6 kg, payload 2 kg, reach 900 m, repeatability 1 mm, lightweight carbon fiber structure, joint torque sensors (optional), End Effector 6DoF sensor (optional).

  • ARIA-Medical

    can be equipped with a needle to support biopsies, or with an endoscope or a retractor to support surgeries. The intelligent guidance of the needle, the endoscope or the retractor increases the efficiency of procedures and surgical interventions, and – in case of CT supported procedures – reduces doctors’ exposure to radiation. Moreover, the arm can be operated remotely helping doctors to perform telemedical diagnostics in remote locations from their home hospital.

    Kinematics 6 DoF, weight 5 kg, payload 1 kg, reach 900 m, repeatability 1 mm, lightweight carbon fiber structure, multifunctional tool e.g. USG probe, to be integrated into a medical product, sensitive & safe, 7DoF versions are also possible.

  • ARIA-Industrial

    is used as a collaborative robot in the broadly understood industrial sector.

    Kinematics 6 DoF, weight 8 kg, payload 2 kg, reach 800 m, repeatability 0.1 mm, aluminium structure, joint torque sensors (optional), End Effector 6 DoF sensor (optional).

  • ARIA-Custom 

    build any robot with ARIA components: Drive Modules, Shells, Links, Gripper.


ARIA is a modular solution with the option of drive assembly into virtually any kinematic chain thanks to the control system developed as part of the project.

The arm is operated by an intelligent control system, thanks to which it is possible to provide autonomous and semi-autonomous functionalities supporting the user.

Additionally, it is equipped with a sensor system ensuring a high level of safety according to ISO 15066.