Control Box

Project details

  • 8 PWM amplifiers (customizable, up to 10A continuous 20 A peak)
  • 8 high resolution encoder inputs
  • 8 analogue inputs and 8 analogue outputs
  • 48 universal DIO for e.g. end switches, Hall sensors, brakes
  • Built in protection unit (overspeed, overcurrent, cable break, cable shortcut)
  • (Wireless) emergency switches
  • Preconfigured controller for current/velocity/position control running at 1kHz (higher rates possible)
  • PC running Ubuntu Linux with RT-preemption
  • ROS node available
  • Various inputs possible (incl. WII)
  • 19 inch casing or dedicated casings available for better integration into existing projects
  • Customizable connections

1st version, co-developed with Technische Universitaet Munchen is used in the series Cotesys Mobile Manipulators.

2nd version developed solely by ACCREA is used in IURO and ACCREA Omnidirectional Platform.

CONTROL BOX – making of

CONTROL BOX – design