Currently, ACCREA is participating in the following projects funded by the European Union:

Within the framework of the EU project, ACCREA plans to invest in the purchase of production machines and specialized software to start production of new products – robotic systems and control software. Production will be based on our R & D results (this will be a practical application of R & D results in business activity) – planned implementation of R & D results is the main goal of the project. The implementation concerns the results of R & D work in regional areas of smart specialization in line with the Regional Innovation Strategy of Lubelskie Voivodeship up to 2020, implementation concerns PKD activity codes: 62.01.Z Software activities. 28.99.Z Manufacture of other special purpose machinery. Most new products will be shipped for export. As a result of the project implementation, we will also implement innovation on an international scale and introduce eco-innovations.

The objectives of the project are as follows:

1. Growth / improvement of competitiveness on the international market.

2. Introduction of new products.

3. Implementation of research results.

4. Implementation of innovation.

5. The retention of highly specialized engineering staff in the Lubelskie voivodeship.

6. Building information society.

7. Improvement of the environment by introducing eco-innovation.

Since its establishment, ACCREA has been active in the mechatronics industry, which is a synergistic combination of precision mechanics, electronic control and systematic thinking in product design. At present, our activity is focused on the design and manufacture of mechatronic devices and robotic systems. Over the last 3 years we have participated in international consortiums in robotics and robotics research projects. Currently under Action 1.2, we plan to carry out targeted research and construct a modular prototype robotic system consisting of the following modules: a) mobile platform, b) remote manipulator, c) sensory head, d) motion controller with force feedback, e) console Control with teleconference system. There will be the possibility of combining modules in different combinations, different in the final application, such as:

1. ModUS telemedical system (modules a + b + c + d + e) ​​- mobile teleconferencing or remotely controlled but stationary ultrasound examination (remote presence of specialist physician)
2. Mobile platform – as a robot for hospital logistics (module a)
3. Laboratory robotic arm (module b)
4. Referencing-unit with force feedback sensor (d + e modules)

The system will be created to provide maximum utility for doctor and patient. The project goes beyond the standard concepts of remote presence. The system will integrate complex sensory data such as visualization, sensation, speech, patient’s emotions, and physiological responses so that the robot is proactive help for the diagnostician. The recipients of the full system as well as its components will be broadly-defined medical facilities, ie: hospitals, clinics, research laboratories etc.