Author: Bartłomiej Stańczyk

Our cooperation with Lublin Medicine Claster

We are pleased to inform that since 26th of June 2015 we are a member of Lublin Medicine Cluster. Lublin Medicine – Medical & Wellness Cluster is a cooperation platform among higher education institutions, research centers, healthcare entities, entrepreneurs, institutions for collaboration and local authorities, Cluster was established in January 2014 by representatives of the City of Lublin and Medical University of Lublin. The aim of this initiative is to support local medical and wellness industries development. More info can be found at:...

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Bavarian Day of the Telemedicine

Dr. Stanczyk will be featuring the ReMeDi Project on the Bawarian Day of the Telemedicine on 21. June in MTC World of Fashion, Haus 1, Ingolstädterstr. 45, 80807 München More information can be found:

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ACCREA will be featuring the RAMCIP robot and ARIA robotic arms during AUTOMATICA exhibition in Munich, from 19th to 22nd June on stand 513, hall B4. RAMCIP project (Robotic Assistant for MCI Patients at home), funded by Horizon 2020 funded project. RAMCIP aims to research and develop real robotic solutions for assistive robotics for the elderly and those suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairments and dementia. This is a key step to developing a wide range of assistive technologies. ARIA (Assistive RobotIc Arm) is an outcome of the RAMCIP project and ACCREA is looking for Use Cases where it can...

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IURO Project Summary

This video presents the results from the Interactive Urban RObot project. The developed robot IURO navigates autonomously around the city-center of Munich and commences interaction with pedestrians. IURO approaches a person and asks for help to find the way to Marienplatz, a square in the Munich city center. People grasp a microphone from IURO’s compartment and start chatting with the robot. IURO starts the conversation with a question for the counterparts mood. By emotionally adapting to the reported mood, he attains the person’s full attention and successfully retrieves the information he is looking for. Besides verbal input, IURO also...

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