ACCREA Engineering is a young company specialized in designing and ma-nufacturing of various prototypes according to the customer specifications. ACCREA is a research-oriented spin-off company from the prestigious Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen, and has several years experience in the fields of robotic, control and systems engineering.

ACCREA is a multidisciplinary (mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, software engineers, skilled technicians, marketing specialists and graphic designers) and multilevel (technicians, engineers, PhDs) team proficient in Solidworks, SolidCAM, Matlab, Simulink, Control System Toolbox.

ACCREA is equipped with modern mechanical and electrical workshops (precise CNC routers, Laser-cutters) for manufacturing, assembling and testing of prototypes and small runs.

Our assets:

  • Complex project management: from elaboration and prototype manufacturing to optimization of production technology.
  • Short series of products or single production, Rapid Prototyping techniques applied.
  • Interdisciplinary and composite approach in order execution.
  • Compatibility warranty that final effect would reflect the client requirements.
  • Modern, well-equipped mechanical and electrical workshop (CNC routers, Laser-cutters) for manufacturing, assembling and testing of prototypes and small runs.
  • Creative, flexible and individual approach to every Client.
  • Care about look, design, graphics.

All ACCREA projecrs are created according to expertise and knowledge of the latest technologies. Our engineers use experienve gained in scientific research and training in industrial environment. Bringing to life new devices, we always look for the most optimal solutions, with respect to highest standards.

ACCREA is an ideal solution for Clients desiring realization of unique projects produced on an individual order. Our versatile approach allows to solve even the most difficult construction problems. At the same time we try to do our best to meet all the Client’s expectations on the scope of design and implementation works.